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“Going Green” has gone global at World Natural Care. Like you, our vision of safe and natural products for final consumers is confirmed by the tremendous growth of the demand for green ingredients. For more information: Please contact our Sales department.




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WNC is promoting its ingredients world wide and expanding its distribution channels all over the world.


Customized Supply

By having truly global locations to grow our raw materials, we have the appropriate conditions for most types of plant. However, our close partnership with these suppliers allows us to be flexible in our plant types. Therefore, we can nurture and grow your plant type for the best possible end result and with the unique molecules and properties to suit the finished goods.

Source providers

 WNC together with its collaborators grow the plant of your choice and provide the rest, based on the customer special requirements and specifications. This could mean:

- Choosing specific plants

- Utilizing certain parts of the plants (flowers, stems, roots, leaves etc.)

- Concentrating on specific geographic area to convey your story


We provide plants from all kinds of area that survive in though conditions. Therefore, based on that, we can create the desired formulas that will bring you benefits. Moreover, we formulate certain end products for specific skin condition.


 Here is a list of countries where we can grow our crops on reques and certified organic if needed.

- Armenia

- Burkina Faso

- Canary Islands

- Caribbean Islands

- Costa Rica

- Greece

- India

- Morocco

- Niger

- Romania



Copyright © World Natural Care All rights reserved

Copyright © World Natural Care All rights reserved.

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